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Seastar is a space where opportunities to be nourished are abundant.

Here are a few...

  • Explore your spiritual journey, through one-on-one spiritual direction!

  • Experience a mini-retreat on a weekend to recharge from the daily grind!

  • Participate in a zoom series in your PJs if that feels right!

  • Tap into your creativity during an expressive arts program!

  • Embrace contemplative prayer!

  • Sign up for a writing series!

  • Join us online for the creative exploration of a great book!

  • Nourish your literary journey by participating in a writing group!

Spiritual Direction

Discover a deeper relationship with your Sacred Source…What is Spiritual Direction?​
Spiritual direction is a conversation aimed at deepening your spiritual awareness and relationship with God. It is an experience of sacred and deep listening that helps individuals grow in their spiritual life, through silence, discernment, awareness, and inquiry. Spiritual direction helps cultivate a deeper relationship with God through greater mindfulness, to notice the presence of God in the various events, relationships and structure of one’s life. The director, as a companion, listens and is attentive to the spiritual life and journey of the directee.

We all have different names with use for the Divine, that Creator Source, that indwelling Spirit, and anyone can benefit from spiritual direction regardless of their level of faith or their religion if they have one. I have worked with folks who were agnostic, borderline atheists, recovering Catholics and others from a variety of faith traditions. Spiritual direction is about our innate curiosity to explore that “something more.” All are welcome to explore their journey through this practice of spiritual direction, also called companioning.  

We begin with an initial conversation to answer questions, and talk over your expectations. After a first session, it is good to reflect on the experience to discern if you’d like to meet again regularly. We typically meet monthly, although that may vary for each person depending on what is going on in their life.  The relationship of spiritual direction is sacred, safe, and strictly confidential. It is not therapy.

Sessions are about an hour-long, and are available by appointment in person in the warmth and comfort of the sacred space that is Seastar Wellness Studio in Old Saybrook, CT, and online from anywhere you are on Zoom.

For more information about exploring spiritual direction, call to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.

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