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November Roses

I might describe myself as many things but a gardener isn’t one of them. I pride myself on my ability to keep two Philodendron alive in our home, the hardiest and most resilient of all houseplants. I recently adopted a Christmas Cactus, but I am unsure of its life expectancy. I do hope it makes it through the holidays. That would be great. I’m fond of my plants and appreciate their minimal neediness, giving them a sip of water, a few kind words, and a little attention now and again. I had adopted an African violet from my Mom when she downsized to assisted living, but I’m giving it to my sister who is better able to care for the sensitive thing. I know my limits.

But recently, one early November New England morning, a thorn-covered rose bush captured my attention. It called out to me as I passed it with my loaded re-useable grocery bags. I like to shop really early while the store is filled only with stock people loading shelves and no one else. I could see my breath and needed my mittens that morning for the first time this season. As I swerved around the rose bush that hangs over the sidewalk in front of our condo, there were two fuschia colored roses greeting me.

I rushed past them and into the house.

They spoke to me though, and I felt called to return to them. I set my bags down, grabbed my phone and went back outside to take a picture. I looked them over, up and down, wondering how or why these lovely creations of the Master Gardener, would be blooming so beautifully in November. I mean, this isn’t California. It’s Connecticut. And as I write this, the weather guy on TV is talking about our first snow last night in the northwest part of the state.

Then it occurred to me…

Perhaps it just wasn’t time yet, for those roses to be in a winter resting state. Timing is everything in life. And as I struggle keeping my focus on working on my book, and letting anything and everything deter me from that process, I wonder if, like those roses, it just isn’t time. Or is it lethargy, distraction, fear, busyness, or any number of other things that we seek out when avoiding our true purpose. I wonder.

Those roses are still blooming and when I’m ready, I hope I will too. But for today, I seek to understand the reasons for the delay. With some upcoming time off from my job, there will be no more excuses and I’m curious to see what happens. Stay tuned…

Peace and Blessings,


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