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What a quandary!

After years of sitting on various book ideas, starting several, completing none, it was a discernment process to figure out which I should focus on for this “experiment.” I knew I had to choose ONE in order to complete anything. I work full time at Niantic Community Church as its Community Minister, where among other things, I create programs for nurturing faith. Most of which have contemplative and creative elements to them. This takes a great deal of time, leaving little for writing a book. But I’m a firm believer that we make time for what is important to us.

So when will I write?

And what happens when one commits to writing (at least) a page a day? Aside from my proven commitment to a writing life, I am generally not someone who sticks with things. Like many of us, New Year’s resolutions fade fast, gym memberships go unused after a couple of visits and my unfinished manuscripts lay in a pile of colorful file folders filled with brilliant ideas.

I’ve written my novel, one scene at a time, during sessions with my favorite writing group in Rhode Island. I’ve worked on a book about the writing life and creating a career as a writer out of nothing and against all odds. I’ve toyed with the idea of putting something together exploring the theme of why I (or anyone) would move 31 times as I have in my 59 years. Upon reflection, maybe that is something I have committed to. Change.

Anyway, I’ve spent my professional writing career, helping writers become authors, and telling other people’s stories while putting my own on the back burner. Way back. I estimate I’ve done over a thousand interviews. When people ask me what I do for a living, I often respond with, “I listen.” That is one of my gifts.

If I say I’m a writer, inevitably people ask, “oh, what have you written?” They want to know what book, with little interest in the plethora of other ways a writer’s life takes shape. I forgive them for their ignorance and go on with my business. I’ve long since learned to call myself a writer, regardless of how others identify with that. Writers write. Some writers publish. Some writers publish books. Period.

So when will I write this book?

My muses are most active in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and my world awakes. It is a precious time for me of stillness and quiet. I’m a really early riser, often up and ready to start my day at 4 a.m. I might as well start there. Imagine the possibilities…

Have you put your book on the back burner?

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