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It's Time!

Welcome to my first blog post on my new website. Honestly, this has been years in the making, because that’s how long I’ve been wanting to write a blog, but it just wasn’t time.

And timing is everything, isn’t it ?!

I moved to the gorgeous Connecticut shoreline about 14 years ago to become a professional writer and it’s been an exciting journey for sure. Way back then, I packed up my laptop and my willingness to put it all on the line, to create my writing life. I was determined, relentless and I had a vision. The time was right.

I remember being so excited as I drove to Mystic, my son in a U-Haul following me. We emptied all my earthly possessions into an Old Mother Hubbard boot-shaped cottage with a third-floor view of the Mystic River.

My writing life evolved in ways I never expected, such as any life inevitably does. I went to Mystic to write for a local newspaper. Right from the get-go, and with nothing to lose I asked my editor if he would have interest in me writing a weekly column. I'll never forget his response. "Absofreakinlutely!" I took that as a "yes" and my column continued for four years and was one of my favorite writing opportunities ever.

Mystic Shoreline
Mystic Shoreline

Since then, with hundreds of stories behind me, and loads of opportunities ahead of me, I sit here at my desk, after just wrapping up the 13th season of Creating A Writing Life Retreats, ready to share my journey, in a new way. Authentic, vulnerable, inspired, and filled with gratitude. Not always easy but definitely blessed.

It’s a blog about A Simple Writing Life. More specifically, about getting a book finished, inspired by, the least likely of authors, John Grisham. I read about his advice to writers about getting their book finished by writing one page a day. Now anyone who knows me, knows I'm not the legal thriller type of writer. That's just not my niche. I’ve never even read one of his 27(?) books.

But for some reason when I read his recommendation to writers, to write one page a day, it haunted me. There were no more excuses to make. Any writer can find time to write one page a day no matter what your genre, no matter what your experience, no matter what your credentials. Writers write! It doesn’t get more simple than that.

So in the spirit of Creating A Writing Life, join me on this journey of creating A Simple Writing Life, and let's see what happens. It's time!



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