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What they're saying...

"I just wanted to thank you again for being a gracious host and having your retreats.  I know it probably sounds a bit silly . . . but I just find that they really help me to center and focus.  Coming back to the place that always inspires me every year was beyond fantastic.  I don't know what it is . . . but your retreats have a power behind them.  They feel very sacred and empowering.... When anyone asks me why I travel hours away from my home to go to a writing retreat in CT, I tell them that you are a gift that I was lucky to have found.  You have a generous spirit and you remind me that regardless of all the other "stuff" going on around me - that I am living a writers life.  And that is a profound realization . . . It is a sacred truth that should be honored and celebrated...  For me, your retreat is just a place I like to come because there is recognition and acceptance and someone who says, "Yes.  I know.  I walk that same path and I know.  It's okay.  Feel secure in your truth.  Celebrate the truth and shine the light."    J.L., New York


"Thank you for your heartfelt article about the beach at late day. Reading it gave me hope for the world, one person at a time.....Thank you again for making a difference" - S.D., Mystic, CT


"I want to thank you for all the enjoyment I receive from reading your weekly column. You provide humor, thought provoking ideas and many times I realize how much I can relate to what you have written. You are truly a gift to the community."  - J. D. Mystic, CT


“Great energy, wonderful guest speaker, awesome group of people coming together for a day well spent! Don’t change a thing.” -T. H.


“I find that my yearly visit gives me focus and a means to honor my writer’s soul. It really is a sacred and wonderful journey.” -J. L.


“I really appreciated how positive the day was, from the drive across the causeway to sitting out on the lawn discovering something about myself and who I am as a writer.” -R. S.


 "I wanted you to know how inspirational and helpful your writing workshop was for me. It truly gave me the confidence and validation that I needed to continue to pursue my love of writing. Best wishes to you and your writing life. I look forward to attending your workshop again next year."   - R.M. Narragansett, Rhode Island


"You wrote about me as an artist, but you are also an artist. You took items from the essence of our conversation and wove them into a graceful well designed journalistic essay." - P.R. Wyoming, RI


"You are such a talented writer and I love your outlook on life."   - C.C Mystic, CT


"I was astonished at how wonderfully affirming the article was."  - C.W. North Stonington, CT


"Keep up the great column in the Mystic River Press. Your zest for life and positive attitude is an inspiration to many, including me." - P.W. Noank, CT


"I want to thank you very much, for such a fantastic article you wrote. I'm sure you've heard it before. You are a great writer!"  - S.B. Exeter RI


"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your articles every week. It is the first thing I look for when I get my Mystic River Press paper. I wanted to thank you for your weekly
- H.C. Mystic, CT


"The workshop this year was WONDERFUL! You out did yourself. I always love meeting all the writers at your workshop. I felt as if I was in the room with kindred spirits. Although I always feel that way when I visit you Patty! And hearing myself say sounds hokey, but I truly believe that coming to your workshop every year is the most spiritual thing I do . . . it is one of the most profound ways in which I honor my writing. And when I visit I always feel peaceful and serene and re-energized. And I spend the rest of the year waiting for the next workshop. My visit to Mystic is like a little ember I carry with me throughout the year. I really do love it. And I cannot thank you enough for letting me visit every year. Your workshops speak to the soul...they provide focus...and they remind writers that we are not alone in the vast oceans of inspiration and creativity.”   - J. L. Lisle, New York

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