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Welcome to Seastar Wellness Studio. We are an interfaith retreat and healing arts studio, dedicated to creating experiences of regeneration and renewal. Through programs and retreats, offered online and in-person, we create a safe and sacred space to inspire, empower and enlighten… an oasis away from a hectic world. A place that celebrates the writing life, contemplative spirituality, expressive arts, and simple living.


Whether you seek a Spiritual Director, a retreat, a writing program, encouragement creating your writing life, or a place to offer your program or wellness practice, you'll find it here. The Seastar Wellness Studio, located in Old Saybrook, Connecticut is a peace-filled, soulful, inspiring place to nourish the spirit and the writing life.


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Renewal. Regeneration. Reinvention. Come to our studio and be inspired.

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Meet the director

Meet Patricia. Award-winning writer, retreat facilitator, spiritual director, expressive arts educator and lover of the simple life. 

Educators and Health Care Heroes!


Opportunities for educators and healthcare heroes will be offered regularly, to support and honor you for your priceless work during the ongoing pandemic.

R&R programs are designed with you in mind as a respite from the challenging work you do. Incorporating expressive art (no experience needed), contemplative spiritual practices,  writing, sharing stories, and a little bit of play, each program is unique because each group is.

The small group setting and safe, sacred space make Seastar Wellness the perfect place to regenerate and renew. 


You might wonder why there is a seastar here. Many species of sea stars, also known as starfish, have the miraculous ability to grow back an arm if they lose one and some species can even regenerate an entire body if there is just one bit of arm remaining. The point being – they get hurt and they re-invent themselves. They regenerate and are renewed. That’s what we do here. Provide tools for regeneration and renewal.

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